Summer, sun, beach, colourful clothes, high spirits and also desire! It has been scientifically proven that vitamin D makes people happier… In other words, warmth warms the mind and also the heart.

High temperatures are often celebrated, especially when travelling or relaxing with a cold drink, but too much heat can be very uncomfortable. Not to mention the physiological reactions to it, which include headaches, sudden rises or falls in blood pressure, dehydration and even fainting.

And when it comes to sex, it could be no different. For some people, sweating as bodies rub together can be a turn-on, while for others, high temperatures are synonymous with decreased libido.

But at the end of the day, it’s better to make love and be heated than to go without sex, right? Not necessarily. There are various techniques and tricks to get the temperature up under the sheets… but keep the couple fresh at the same time.

And that’s exactly what Skokka is going to explain below, with the help of the most daring Cairns escorts.

But before starting, it is important to remember two important points. The first one is consent, that is, both of them must be comfortable and willing to create this erotic context, and if one of them is not, it is good to think about other ways of having sex, such as video calls or oral sex, since it requires less or no contact between the parties.

The second point is the use of condoms to avoid not only unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but also to make both partners more relaxed during the act.

#1 Choosing the environment

In terms of temperature control, the choice of the room is essential… Always opt for rooms that receive less sunlight during the day and are cooler and more ventilated.

#2 Fan or air conditioning? Yes, please!

In case of very high temperatures, it is good to make use of other ways to alleviate the heat, the fan and air conditioning are great alternatives and can work miracles on the hottest days.

#3 Open up the range of options

Making love in bed is a classic and has its magic, but when it comes to avoiding the heat, lying between the sheets may not be the best option, so why not try other rooms in the house such as the kitchen or even the bedroom floor? There’s a lot of good stuff to be discovered out there…

#4 A shower and a lot of passion

With the idea of exploring all the rooms in the house in mind, one that can’t be missed when thinking about relieving the heat is the shower. The water running over the body, the touch, and the positions that can be done there are an invitation to a sex session worthy of even the most experienced professionals, such as female escorts in London.

The bathtub is also an option, however, it works better for foreplay than for penetration itself, since being underwater makes lubrication difficult, something essential for the couple’s full enjoyment.

#5 Play and let the imagination run wild

Remember that fantasy of rubbing an ice cube over the body? Now’s the time to make it come true! Let the imagination run wild and take advantage of the little things to add refreshment and pleasure! Ice cream, whipped cream, or even lubricating gels that provide a cooling effect, the result can be surprising.

#6 Motel and Hotel

A getaway for a night out is always welcome. And if there’s a pool, even better. Motels are an excellent alternative to escape the heat while having a good time in other ways.

#7 Go for the simple positions

It’s more than advisable to explore sex, positions and all its nuances, but when it comes to avoiding the heat, simplicity wins. The most basic positions that don’t require much effort can be just as pleasurable as they are refreshing.

Good examples that the Irish escorts in Skokka recommend are sex standing up, on all fours or the woman sitting on top of the man.

#8 Laying aside the duvet

Some people love to keep a blanket or duvet handy to make their bed cozy and comfortable, but when it comes to hot lovemaking less is more, so opt for a thin sheet to reduce the likelihood of sweating.

As can be seen there are many ways to alleviate the heat in moments of intimacy, the most important thing is to be creative and let the imagination run wild. Finally, hot and cold can also be an explosive and tasty combination in bed, so why not go ahead and make the most of it?

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