The currency of the site are the tokens

I don’t get paid in dollars, but in tokens, the token has value for the one who buys it but it’s not the same value for us camgirls (yes, the site wins this way), so to put it simply, when someone buys 100 tokens to distribute them to camgirls, he pays $10.99 (then the prices are decreasing) and when I get 100 tokens of tip I actually make $5.

So how much do I earn as a webcam host?

November was a “test” month for me where I could experiment, test different approaches and see what worked best, overall, I got involved quite seriously, and I worked at least 6 hours a day except on the weekend when I wasn’t working.

By day I manage on average to collect not far from 1000 tokens only with tips, which amounts to $50 per day of work. You should know that I’m not the type to do trashy things on camera, I stay rather soft, glamorous, I talk a lot, but does not show me completely naked. (I always stay in my underwear). I think I could easily multiply my salary fourfold if I stripped myself completely and fulfilled all the fantasies of these gentlemen.

In addition, I made a video a little hotter for members who would like to see me more naked, to see the video you have to pay, my video costs 400 tokens and I had 6 purchases during the month or 2400 tokens – 120$ extra earnings.

Finally, in my first month as a camgirl, I earned just over $1220 which was sent to me on Paxum (an online wallet, on which I can withdraw with a bank card).

You should know that to do things properly, camgirls must declare their activity as a self-entrepreneur, concretely, on my $1220, so it will take away about 22% of expenses, I will remain close to 1000$ or 875. I encourage you to get to know This website is a hybrid where you can get money from public live sex shows, private text chat sessions and private cam2cam.

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