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Not long ago, I saw an ad for Russian escorts in the United Kingdom. The ad stated that a married couple was looking for male escorts. Upon searching on the internet, I discovered many different agencies and gentlemen offering services to customers that were not only willing to get to know a foreign woman better, but would also help them with their foreign customs.

I got in touch with the couple who did the ad and asked if they could give me an explanation of why they thought Russian escorts would be of interest to them. They said they were married and on a very tight budget. Russian women were not so expensive for them.

The man said they had a business already established in the UK and were planning to expand it further. He would take my partner as a customer. The lady was going to give me a tour of her home to show me the areas she did business with. She also wanted to show me some of the rooms that were most visited by customers.

They were very interested in having me stay in their own home and were very welcoming of me. They had a number of pictures of the members of the family. The couple had a romantic, ancient feeling about them.

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I spoke to the lady who was to give me a tour of her home and found her to be highly sophisticated and Russian in appearance. She said she wanted to know more about me before she agreed to work with me as a client. When I told her of my interests in foreign women, she was surprised to hear such a comment.

She had heard many stories about how some men had a ‘friend’girlfriend’ with Hispanic workers. She could see no reason why men should not be interested in Russian escorts. She had heard of the stereotypes about these women, but she didn’t want to comment.

I told her that if she chose to speak to someone from her country, she could get a job in one of the larger agencies there and travel around the world. She told me she could do that. She was interested in knowing more about me and wanted to meet up with me again.

She told me that she felt uncomfortable with me, because of my accent. She said she did not know much about men from Russia, and that I must be her boyfriend or husband. I told her that I was a single guy, and we ended our conversation there.

She was very polite and friendly, and told me that she enjoyed meeting other men, but did not want to meet any more men until after she had decided to travel to Russia. She told me she was open to having a good time with another man. When I mentioned a holiday to a friend who has worked in Russia, he told me that he knew many Russian men who were also travelers.

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He told me that he liked their sense of humor and said that they were very good companions. I was in London at the time and met him, and had a good time. I went back to the United States and reported the experience to the couple.

I was introduced to their company and told that their website was waiting for a reservation. I didn’t know that they specialized in travel. I thought their travel agency was located in Miami, Florida. I thought they would be comfortable meeting a foreign couple to travel with, and travel the world with them.

After the meeting with the couple, I decided to take my Russian escorts back to their agency. I decided to pay for my fare to their company first, and then pay for them to go on a European vacation with me.

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